I noticed that I have 182 posts in this blog in 2010. Here are the top 10 posts based on unique page views (courtesy, Google Analytics)

How many have you read?

1. Blogging competition by U.S. Consulate, Chennai â?? Sad day for Indian bloggers (read this post)

2. The murky underworld of Facebook page management in India (read this post)

3. A legitimate rival to Maggi in India, finally â?? ITC Sunfeastâ??s Yippee! (read this post)

4. What really happens to the QR code in Ford Figoâ??s print ad! (read this post)

5. The televisionization of social media (read this post)

6. Why is the Air India fiasco video terribly bad PR, but its equivalent online, completely routine? (read this post)

7. Why is Google Buzz forced, minimally relevant and largely pointless (read this post)

8. Is UTVâ??s Bindass TV on a social media harakiri mission? (read this post)

9. Another â??Private Treatiesâ?? down south? (read this post)

10. Making an online campaign of your job search process (read this post)