‘Attraction’ is arguably the first browser-based interactive anime film. It has been created for the French ministry of health, INPES, by DDB Paris, to promote the dangers of smoking.

It’s a 10 minute interactive film that is groundbreaking at many levels, the least of which is the use of interactivity through the webcam – you’re asked permission to connect and calibrate your webcam. You’d also be asked to connect via Facebook for an ‘immersive’ experience – that I chose not to.

There are options for English subtitles and Japanese (or French) dialogs and the film runs through 6 chapters. The film, directed by Koji Morimoto, with interactive elements produced by Unit9, has levels of interactivity that seem incredibly more immersive than anything I’ve seen before!

For instance, at one point, you have to listen to someone speaking by moving your head to the left or right – depending on where you move, you listen to a character’s dialogs. At another point, you’re asked to decode a password using color recognition, while in another scene, you’re asked to wake someone up from a smoking trance by shaking your head vigorously from left to right!

The idea is brilliant and the production quality, top notch – the detailing in animation is mind boggling and the music (by Danger and Fred Avril) is mesmerizing!

If I have a complaint, it is the script!

The entire film, also available as a comic (I suggest you see the interactive film first and then read the comic), has a plot about the influence of friends in smoking is something that went completely above my head. I’d love to see this idea being adapted by a more popular brand/concept and done with a better plot using similar interactive elements – one HUGE opportunity waiting to be tapped.

The idea itself – using browser-based interactivity via webcam and integrating social networks – was also used to great effect by Japanese band Sour, for their music video, ‘Mirror’. It’s so amazing that even Engadget went ga-ga over it! The opportunity here is immense – imagine if the plot in Attraction changed as per users’ actions…or imagine having a user’s image as one of the characters (difficult – lighting, angle…I know, but still…)!

Here is a trailer of ‘Attraction’.

Experience the film, here – http://www.attraction-lemanga.fr/

Complete credits for this stupendous effort, from Ads Of The World.