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  • Raj

    Problem with people like Anand Mahindra is that they like to control the ‘mood’ all the time, Meaning that they get to decide when to moralise and when to be light-hearted. They don’t like you doing that. This ability to set the tone is what keeps them in that position.

    Suppose he had heard a comment that T3 provides good exercise, he would have come up with ” but have you thought of the old people, ones with babies, etc” and imply that you are so flippant and uncaring. And earn brownie points in the bargain.

    A friend of mine had tweeted a message to Mr Mahindra in two parts. The first part said ” I was able to navigate my 6-year old Scorpio well during the recent Chennai rains…”, and the second part said ” … but the wipers splash water all over and affect the viewing. Is this a design problem?”. Mr Mahindra picked up only the first part and retweeted proudly , ” Yes, Amphibian we call it” , ignoring the second part about the design problem- which was what my friend’s message was about.

  • “Moral Crusade”. That was harsh and inappropriate use of a word. Non contextual. o

    One should consider the number of people who travel. Having the buggies is just like having a few life boats for several hundred men and women on a ship! Makes me recall the experience I had once at the Big Bazar, looking out for the cart! That was my last visit there. 😀

    I would still prefer to take my grand parents in a train, rather than hunting for buggies.

  • Enjoyed reading the tweets and the post