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  1. Aditya Rao
    Aditya Rao at | | Reply

    I think in 20,000 they also included ‘impressions’ stats that every post gives. Its visible to admins…

    1. Karthik Srinivasan
      Karthik Srinivasan at | | Reply

      I considered that – good point. But I’m not sure if ‘impressions’ straightaway mean ‘number of people’.

      1. Aditya Rao
        Aditya Rao at | | Reply

        of course not. but since when have press releases / company updates been completely honest 🙂

  2. A. Prem Kumar
    A. Prem Kumar at | | Reply

    Hope ghanta singh gets to do this too 😉

  3. samraatkakkar
    samraatkakkar at | | Reply

    the release has been written by a defensive executive whose trying to show the impact of 20,000 fans that they have on their facebook page

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