After that phenomenal online buzz, it was strange that no Indian company/brand even tried doing a local version of the Old Spice campaign.

But now, you have Radio Mirchi trying it, not on YouTube (like Old Spice), but on Facebook. Merely answering questions from public via text is not the key – Old Spice used videos to do the answering part, but where they truly rocked is in the language and intelligence they conjured within a short span of time. The result? It was a highly engaging and smart Q&A session using video responses.

A news item about Radio Mirchi’s effort appears in the website Radio and Music. It says,

Sud, the popular Radio Mirchi character, came live on Facebook and entertained people in a digital marketing initiative launched by Radio Mirchi on 13th Dec. This six-hour live session on Facebook was unique because rather than giving just a regular â??written status updatesâ??, Sud was responding to his fans and their questions through â??audio updatesâ?? in his characteristic style of talking.

Then, there’s this bombastic line!

The initiative received a good response, with each update by Sud being consumed by over 20,000 people.

Does the fact that Radio Mirchi’s Facebook page has 20,000 fans mean the audio updates are ‘consumed’ by all 20,000? Interesting! If I was handling their PR, I’d have perhaps toned down that line to something more reasonable since they are perhaps using mainstream marketing logic (or the lack of it) to explain how it went.

Take a look at the ‘responses’ by Sud in Radio Mirchi’s Facebook page – and no, you don’t need to ‘like’ their page to listen to the updates.

  1. Sud says Hello
  2. Sud says Hi to you
  3. Sud replies to fans
  4. Sud replies to fans – 2
  5. Sud aur Ajay Devgan
  6. Sud
  7. Aashiq ya Rajnikanth
  8. Facebook song

For a six hour session, 8 updates seem less, but it is at least an attempt in doing the Old Spice style engagement – some start, that.

Personally, I found Sud’s personality incredibly annoying. There’s also not much intelligence in the responses, in my opinion, but I can also think of many people who would enjoy this sort of a tone and humor.