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  • Obama doesn't mind going on program like Tonight Show with Jay Leno and The View (at the cost of addressing Boy Scouts..) There are many who think thats beneath the dignity of the office.
    But I think, hey he is atleast trying to get his message across, through different platforms, instead of the ususal address to the nation routine.
    Even in Britain, they don't mind innovating with the Queen's Christmas message, whether it comes to podcasts or being inclusive.

    Sure there will be critics. But innvoation is never bad. atleast let there be a discussion on the message.

    instead of playing it safe, its time to innovate. and innovate doesn't mean gimmicks, just adding a perspective.

  • Lucky Singh

    very interesting post 🙂

  • Guest

    It must be the same speech writer from PMO doing a part-time job at RB twice a year!

  • Riddheka

    India is dealing with pretty much the same set of problems and challenges, as it has these past many years. Of course the word clouds look similar.

    I do see a few different words in every subsequent cloud (new problems, or those once ignored that are now being recognised)…but this is why the standard set of words keep cropping up. Word clouds are pretty, and look good in reports (guilty) but don’t really provide any earth-shattering insights. And I just realized this comes a year too late…ah well.

    • Agree on problems being similar. But that would be all the more reason why someone needs to look at different points of view to present the problems in context, year after year. Why bother and bore the audience with the same speech every year? Don’t brands reinvent the positioning and communications every year despite the base product being largely the same? The point really is about caring or not caring for the audience. As for year too late – indeed, this was posted last year, but see how eerily similar and appropriate it may seem this year and all the years hereafter 🙂

      • Riddheka

        There’s a fundamental difference between brand communications and what these speeches talk about – brand communications just need to find different ways of telling people how their brands are awesome, these speeches need to find different ways of telling us how we’re all still screwed. Because of the same problems. I think repetition is very important here; a consistent reiteration of the issues this country has is possibly the only way the message will get through to us.

        Consistence, clarity and credibility: the basics of communications. The credibility bit is seriously dented, but at least we’re doing the first 2 things right, IMO.