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  • nice comparision but

    • beastoftraal

      Thanks 🙂

  • why will a hot chick come on a blind date…would work well to keep that in mind

    • beastoftraal

      Oh she will! Convoluted reason, but here goes – hot chicks are susceptible to get guys who like a fast one…guys are usually insecure in front of so much hotness and can't believe that this chick actually chose them. So, the like of the hot chick during dating season is a sad one, even if that's hard to believe. So she may just opt for a blind date in the hope of finding a normal, average-Jo types. For more such logic, see the film, 'She's Out Of Your League' 🙂

      • wow what an explanation:)

        but can you translate that into the social media consumer analogy. i can comprehend the hot chick on blind date part, but i can't think of brands as blind date. maybe i think of them as golddiggers.
        i am sick of ads and would run from promos on the web whatever form, even if i would buy them otherwise.
        for eg i use indiaplaza but didn't find it worth following them on the twitter and didn't use their gift coupon they offered for following

  • Roger

    Rent a tux and limo? You're talking about a blind date to the prom? I would advise an earlier blind date for ice cream or movie. Same goes for social media; start simpler and with appropriate enthusiasm and expectations.

    It's a good metaphor and look at the issues of developing/building a relationship by starting very simple and growing. You're definitely thinking about the sale and sealing the deal very early in the relationship, and there the metaphor falls apart.

    • beastoftraal

      I agree Roger. This was a mighty oversimplified metaphor that breezes through LOT of steps in between. It was anyway not meant to be a comprehensive treatise and was more of a impulsive response to a couple of recent meetings with prospects, who couldn't understand why we'd speak about the industry and others and not about themselves in their newly created Twitter profile 🙂

  • Ha ha ha… Nice comparison, wonder what Avinash Kaushik will have to say to this new version (deviation from his famous ‘Social media is like teen sex’ analogy)..!