It started with (from what I could see) @kapilb’s tweet which said,

UTV Bindass should have not used Taj Hotel image

I personally think that is a fair point – remember how extra sensitive people were in the US, in the wake of the twin tower destruction? Under production films removed scenes showing the twin towers! And here we have a TV channel using the Taj as a background for a TV show? That sure sound insensitive!

How did Bindas TV react? On twitter, they said this,

@kapilb Sorry to hear you feel that way. Why do you think so?

Duh? was my reaction! But Kapil was patient enough to explain!

@bindasstv i dont think it was in the best taste. as mentioned on my link such events should not b used for commercial gains

Incidentally, another tweeter @ruchi shared the same sentiment,

@bindasstv the image of Taj evokes a lot of sad emotions. me as just a bystander of the entire episode still shivers looking at that image

BindasTV’s argument was looking weaker by the minute,

@ruchi Agreed totally – but in a show about commandos and commando training, thats the best image to use precisely for that reason…

BindasTV, however, did not respond to @kapilb’s sane argument, but merely managed to pounce on another tweeter’s opinion on the show itself. @mojosanjay RT’d Kapil’s tweet with,

this D3 reality show is bad taste all the way! RT @kapilb: UTV Bindass should have not used Taj Hotel image

It is a personal opinion, and BindasTV’s response was a valid,

@mojosanjay @kapilb Sorry to hear you think that 🙁 specific feedback, please! It will help us…

So far, so good. But, @mojosanjay gave it right when he said,

@bindasstv Security is a very serious function. Your program is a pathetic mockery and trivialisation of that. All for TRPs? @kapilb

The response?

@mojosanjay We dont deny the seriousness of security we just show people how commandos train and see normal people try the same feats…

By this time, @mojosanjay was in full flow.

@bindasstv yeah right. normal. with F words, and a whole lot of disrespect and useless tamasha. #fail

@bindasstv tv channels will do everything for TRPs, this whole “reality” of foul mouthed beeps is staged. pls dont deny that. or edit.

@bindasstv Sad to see u guys are such victims of TRPs that you cant see beyond.

After this avalanche, it looks like the Twitter profile of BindasTV had an ego crash. It started getting strange. Sample these,

@mojosanjay sad to see youre so cynical…

@mojosanjay’s logical question was,

@bindasstv duh. why else would you even agree to produce or run such a show? for kicks?


see? cynical. RT @mojosanjay: duh. why else would you even agree to produce or run such a show? for kicks?

@mojosanjay ‘Course not! That’s good programming strategy and marketing. Wouldn’t dream of insulting your intelligence.

@naman_a enters the conversation with the right tone!

@bindasstv I don’t think it was an act of God’s kindness to bestow upon you high TRPs. Please don’t insult our intelligence.

@bindasstv Are u on some kinda suicide mission? My advice, logout right now. If ur bosses find out, they’re gonna whoop your ass

@twilightfairy notices Bindas’ tweets and adds,

disappointed to see a botch up of a job by someone behind @bindasstv twitter id. really..can u afford to call ur audience “cynical”?

I don’t have to add anything but here’s a round-up – BindasTV, through a Twitter which claims that they are, ‘India’s no.1 youth channel! No really, TRPs don’t lie!’ have just called some people on Twitter ‘cynical’ for calling their show ‘crappy’, repeatedly argued over personal opinions, which they should have known are personal and is willing to fight it out with people who point a tasteless promo of their program, without any decent reason to be in that argument. Having a negative opinion on a TV program isn’t a crime and Bindas sure realizes that the entire country may not like it’s path-breaking programs. But picking people who criticize it’s programs and calling them cynics is a strange strategy…or a complete lack of it.

But, adding a tasteless pic of the Taj for a mere television program promo is in terribly poor taste. Explaining and justifying it – even more so!

Amazing! I really would love to know who’s handling this Twitter profile. Either they are really sucking up to the name ‘Bindas’ or they are extraordinarily silly.

It’s too time consuming to add links to individual tweets and too late in the day to start learning how to embed tweets the way Twitter wants us to, but here are the twitter IDs of all concerned – @bindasstv, @kapilb, @mojosanjay, @ruchi and @twilightfairy.