I had a bad case of Delhi Belly last week. Took some time off work and was doing nothing at home, for one day.

After all, my doc had advised me to ‘take it easy’ and I was running a 102 deg fever.

In earlier times, that meant, do not do office work. Nowhere in human history has anyone added ‘stay offline’ and ‘do not tweet’ to that equation.

When you’re off work sick, what is protocol for internet usage?

Can you tweet thrice a day? Can you read at least 50 of your waiting Google Reader alerts?

If you do and if people come to know that you have done so, would that amount to them thinking, ‘Oh, he has enough energy to post three tweets? So, he may as well respond to my mail too!’

No, it doesn’t work quite that way.

You see, it’s not the energy that matters for socializing online when you’re sick. In fact, you do not need energy to socialize online – you just need bandwidth and a reasonably decent device.

Socializing online is yet another outlet to kill time at home when you are sick – much like reading a book. Watching the TV. Staring at the ceiling. Small difference – the last 3 are one-way…nothing talks back.

The difference is intent.

When I’m sick, I consciously make an effort not to exercise that part of my brain that worries about office/clients. That…as all of you already know, is a vicious cycle. And, there is no way out.

But of course, if you’ve read Sidin’s Dork or have chosen management consulting as a career option, it doesn’t make any difference. Also, remember there is a difference between really feeling sick and acting sick. When you are onto the  latter, you should never use Foursquare or tweet about how awesome that burger was.

I’ve overcome Delhi Belly now. Thank you.