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  • Amol

    I was present at the tweetup and I also gave away my no. to the #ccd.! But haven’t received a call yet. @javashri spoke to the operations manager and he assured of a apology publically but nothing has happened till now.!

  • Karthik S

    Amol: Perfect – what I’ve added in point 6. They are perhaps not using their twitter profile to the best effect.

  • Freeman

    How much had CCD paid you to waste so much of your time writing this.

  • Karthik S

    Freeman: Zilch. By that logic, you should also be asking many tweeters who tweeted positive things about CCD yesterday. Strange you weren’t around yesterday!

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  • roshan .

    welcome to mad new world of social media

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  • The truth is once a bad name, it always lingers.. Somebody asked for suggestions for a venue for a tweetup in Chennai and I remembered this incident all again ! Of course tweeted about it too 🙂