Update (Dec. 28, 2009): Got at least 3 calls from various people at Blue Dart, Bangalore. I was told that the delivery guy came to my apartment gate, asked for me at the security – the security supposedly called me on my intercom (as is the norm) but it seems nobody picked it up. Fair explanation…possible too.

But what I fail to understand is this – a smaller courier company like First Flight is able to contact me *before* landing up at my doorstep, on my mobile – confirm my availability and then drop in to deliver my package. Why can’t a much more established courier brand like Blue Dart follow this simple procedure?

I asked the same to everyone who called – the response: Sorry sir! Strange…before expending time, effort and fuel, they should have simply checked with me – after all, why else do we give our contact numbers for courier booking?

Another side-note: I got a couple of tweets (in response to mine, about this blog post) that I have failed to adhere to my own advice I delivered on another post of mine in this blog, titled ‘Whine Flu‘. The point there was to try other, one-to-one modes of whining/ complaining, before taking it public. In this case, I did – mailed Blue Dart in the contact box in their site. Tried calling as many as 4 numbers listed in their website – all that on a Saturday night. I was politely told by a recorded voice that customer service is not available after 9pm and on Sundays. So there…

The most interesting thing here is the parallel push by a person (no names here, in the interest of privacy) who happened to see my tweet on Saturday night. This person is employed in a company that is a sister concern of Blue Dart and has been in touch with me right through – on Saturday night, a text message on Sunday and also today morning! This is the kind of monitoring that brands should prepare themselves for – it is commendable that this person was able to communicate with me on twitter and continued to help me when the organization’s official communication channel was not available.

Original post:

Its rather strange actually. My ire should have been directed towards Standard Chartered Bank, but they’ve actually delivered on their promise – I submitted the papers for a salary account last Saturday and I got the debit card this noon, thanks to First Flight courier. But I do wonder why they chose to send another pack via another courier…Blue Dart!

And boy, do I hate Blue Dart!

I get a text message from Blue Dart at 9:30 pm today that they ‘tried’ delivering my package today and that I should send them timing options for Monday via a text message. I refuse to.

I was home all day today. Checked with my apartment’s security folks…nope, no Blue Dart. Only First Flight. The First Flight guy called me, confirmed I’m home and delivered. Its a funny, unnecessary subplot, but I should add here that he requested me to come down to my apartment’s front gate and collect the courier – seems his bike’s battery was stolen the last time he parked it outside for delivery. I was having lunch at that time, but I completely understand his point of view and got my courier from the main gate.

If Blue Dart had just called and asked me if delivering on Monday is ok, I’d be more than willing to agree – I completely see the holiday’ish reason/ mood – no problemo!

But, they chose to lie. And that gets on my nerves. Big time. I tweeted this a few minutes back and surprisingly got a response from someone who works in a company who’s sister concern happens to be Blue Dart! Not bad, twitter works…even at odd hours!

I’m happy that someone remotely associated with Blue Dart even bothered to take note, but I’m equally appalled that an organization of Blue Dart’s stature can blatantly lie like this. That too, after 9 pm on Saturday, since their customer service is operational only from 9am-9pm, Monday-Saturday. How convenient!