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  1. Harshil Karia
    Harshil Karia at | | Reply

    Hey thanks for putting me on your Blogroll! I just noticed while going through your blog 🙂

    I usually blog at! Its my new year’s resolution to put up something useful atlast 3 times every week! Hope to co create a lot of stuff with you!

  2. Amith Chandhran
    Amith Chandhran at | | Reply

    Are you sure the security guy is reliable enough?

  3. Karthik
    Karthik at | | Reply

    Good question – I was considering that too. But its pointless to go into this anymore. The basic problem is that (a) they goofed and did not even attempt to deliver on Saturday or (b) they tried, came up to the gate without checking with me and went back. I give them the benefit of doubt based on (b). The silly lapse in process of calling me before landing up still remains!

    But, I don’t completely despise them yet – just because of that one person who cared enough on a Saturday night to respond to me tweet. That says a lot of the kind of people they’ve (even if its just one) and the kind of service they inspire within their organization (even if it was a sister concern).

    The point – individual people can make a difference to large companies too and this is not restricted to visible, spokesperson-material seniors alone.

  4. Gopal Srinivasan
    Gopal Srinivasan at | | Reply

    Mountain out of a molehill? Given the amount of SMS-spam and Telemarketing calls that we all get the last thing I want is to be bothered by every courier guy calling me up to check if he can deliver.

  5. Karthik
    Karthik at | | Reply

    But Gopal, this is one of the few things that I’d like to notified about – imagine the silly waste of time for them if they find me unavailable or for me, to call them and demand my courier again! Plus, how many couriers do you get in a month – on an average? I get about say, 5-7. I’m completely ok with they calling for my availability – its my courier and its my time 🙂

  6. Kalpik Nigam
    Kalpik Nigam at | | Reply

    They have been lying to my face too! “Delivery Attempted-Consignee Premises Closed” when I’m at home all day! And it happens ALWAYS with bluedart, and no other courier company. Could you please share any contact you have with Bluedart or the sister company, I want to give em a piece of my mind..

  7. Ankur Sharma
    Ankur Sharma at | | Reply

    and they are still the same!!

  8. Hari K T
    Hari K T at | | Reply

    You are right . I too had bad and good experience with Bluedart . I feel its some of the people who are trying to make the service worst. Its a game play inside their company itself . For eg : none of the person called me too and they do send it saying its not deliverable. #WTF ? Don’t they know how to call a mobile and check whether the person is there or not ? Its not one , but more for people who are getting goods online.

  9. Parth
    Parth at | | Reply

    Really Noone is came to my Home and even not a single call to me. and they changed the status to Consignee Premises Closed. very poor service and No Customer service is helpful when I am trying to contact their customer care center they told me “wrong number”

  10. Aakash
    Aakash at | | Reply

    Happened to me too. The good old excuse of “Delivery Attempted-Consignee Premises Closed”. Was home all day, no one from blue dart came to the colony i can confirm that. Still waiting for the shipment to be delivered after 24hrs of expected delivery time.

  11. PanTheo
    PanTheo at | | Reply

    Still continuing its legacy…Am thinking of switching my office vendor…
    Thanks bluedart

  12. Jagan Bangalore
    Jagan Bangalore at | | Reply

    BlueDart, The worst liars that I know of
    in courier service. There were multiple occasions when I got packages
    coming together for me at their local office; It will be a surprise to
    know that they give personal ATTENTION to each packages and handle it
    differently. Both will be delayed for sure, after delaying [with the
    Tracking history full of lies] they will deliver one package and send
    back other package to sender saying ?Consignee?S Address
    Unlocatable/Landmark Needed? OR ?Consignee?S Address Incorrect?. Every
    time the customer care will reply saying they have escalated to the
    management and operations head of the area. But the situation has not improved in any way.

    I do not know if it is the same at all locations or ONLY with the BlueDart office at Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore.

  13. Gautham
    Gautham at | | Reply

    Blue dart is pathetic. While you were willing to give them the benefit of doubt regarding their “explanation”, I am 100% not. If they had really come there, and asked the security to call intercom etc, they would have made the effort to call you as well. Last week I wasted a day’s leave waiting for a courier from bluedart, I called and blasted them only to get a terse “sorry sir”. And lo and behold, it happened again today. I sat at home whole day today waiting for a parcel, called customer care twice to confirm it is coming, and eod I see the one-size-fits-all status on their website “Delivery Attempted, Premises Closed”. The status doesn’t even make sense considering I stay in a small apartment block with a watchman who is there 24/7 and the only way to check if I am at home or not is to ring my doorbell, which I know for sure nobody did. Pathetic, pathetic service. I seriously don’t know how this company has survived so long. When the delivery boys want to go home, they update the status as “premises closed”, thats all.

  14. siva kumar
    siva kumar at | | Reply

    My Bank sent me a credit card on a promised date.. the delivery guy came to my office and I was out of office, he left a sorry note at the security. My question is ?Wajid?(Hyderabad, India, courier guy) did not even left his number on the sorry note or gave me a call while he was at office or before coming to office. Why the hell you people take everything granted.. My simple question Wajid is your contact number is so confidential or you are providing free services or some charity to me?

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