After being a client for a long time, an year in advertising and communications design, and 2 years in public relations, I’m now moving my cheese, myself. To Edelman. Yes, after 2 fantastic years at Text 100, Bangalore, I’m moving to Edelman as Head of Digital Strategy (India). If there’s one reason behind my move, it is the opportunity to learn. From people like Steve Rubel, no less!

I’m not going to list my digital/ social media/ online credentials here – that’s for the readers to find and debate. Neither do I have the bragging rights about the number of followers across my 2 twitter IDs or the number of readers for my blogs/ website – those are, comparatively, much lesser than other Indian social media superstars and beside the point.

But yes, as an online content creator (across 2 blogs and a website), I’ve realized that having a strong personal brand online can help you learn the nuances and frame your content’s tone better. But, these are not prerequisites to managing the same, for a client – there, the onus is on thinking like a client and focus on the most appropriate target audiences.

Social media PR and marketing (but…there is a difference between the two, at least IMO!) is now being├é┬átalked about in the same vein as the web design business of early 2000; they’re all over the place…they’re being compared to snake oil salesmen (the BusinessWeek piece on this topic and Armano’s excellent follow-up post)…and, they mostly live in a bubble, talking about themselves. It’s unfortunate, but let me try my hand in making a difference.

So, enough talking about myself…feeling cheesy already. Back to work. At Edelman.