WATBlog did a story on May 12 – on Jet Airways’ and Skoda’s responses to criticism online. Jet handled it slightly better, but Skoda’s was just horrendous jargon.

Here’s another! Chinamayi Sripada is one of my favorite singers in recent times. She’s the one who sung ‘Oru dheivam thandha poove’ from Maniratnam’s Kannathil Mutthamittaal and the same singer who sang, ‘Tere bina’ so amazingly, in Maniratnam’s Guru. She’s also an entrepreneur (she runs a translation service called Blue Elephant), a TV host in Vijay TV and is also a successful RJ in Chennai (with Aahaa FM). I have heard her show when AahaaFM had an online stream and I simply love her show.

She has a blog too – WhatToNameIt. Her post today is about Samsung. In a Seth Godin’esque minimalistic style, she posted this,

“If you are thinking of buying a Samsung product, especially a refrigerator or an air conditioner – Please do not.

The after sales service is beyond abysmal. Wish I can be more eloquent there, but words fail me.

Realize the importance of service backup only now”

This is as powerful as it gets. She is a micro-influencer, a slightly bigger micro-influencer than other bloggers due to her exposure in other media. And she has a bone to pick with Samsung. I’m glad she opened this up through her blog.

If I was Samsung, I’d be shitting in my pants now – but, not for crores of revenue lost. That’s not going to happen – this blog post will not start a campaign against Samsung at all.

But, even if 5 people decide to even not consider Samsung in thier shortlist for an air conditioner (summer lasts for 12 months in Chennai, remember?), this post would have had its effect, in my opinion. And interestingly, this is not about product quality – much like the Skoda and Jet Airways issues. Its about customer support – something that is completely within the brand’s reach. And off they goof where it hurts them the most!

An innocuous post such as this is the most potent weapon against erring brands. It will affect credibility and loyalty over the long run and they won’t even know what hit them, when it does. It will be very interesting to see how Samsung responds to this!