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  1. Gopal Srinivasan
    Gopal Srinivasan at | | Reply

    The requirement for a written and signed letter to terminate a banking account is an RBI requirement.

  2. Karthik S
    Karthik S at | | Reply

    Fair enough. But, I still don’t have stamps and envelopes nor am I planning to procure some in the near future. The banks just need to think of some innovative way to please customers who want to *gasp* close their accounts!

  3. Gopal Srinivasan
    Gopal Srinivasan at | | Reply

    It’s not really their fault, so one might be barking up the wrong tree on this. Some banks and telcos have tried to be think ahead of the curve (in introducing services, not sure about customer service) but the RBI is too archaic and has clamped down on them in the name of security. The only two ways that it can happen without you having to procure stamps is i. courier it ii. wait till RBI allows consumers to send emails to banks with a personal digital signature.

  4. Gopal Srinivasan
    Gopal Srinivasan at | | Reply

    Or if you are a HNI customer they could send someone over to your place to complete the necessary formalities 🙂

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