Gordon Haff relates his story on how he was contacted via Flickr for PR – a follow-up of sorts from another cnet story by Stephen Shankland (on Scion’s social media engagement by Formula PR).

As a PR professional myself, encouraging colleagues to actively do social media outreach, here’s my take.

What the PR firm did right?

  1. They were upfront about their intention â?? about their client and about Detroit Auto show.
  2. They had really read Gordonâ??s blog â?? that lobster quip is a damn nice touch.

Where they possibly goofed…

  1. Not listened carefully enough â?? is this blogger really appropriate for this particular outreach?
  2. Not being entirely clear about their identity â?? Yahoo ID? Câ??mon, Iâ??m sure they could be a lot more open than that.