After my post on Delhi 6’s Facebook outreach, here comes another, shoddily-thought, hurried effort in social media engagement – Delhi 6 blog. Brownie points are in order though – they do have their own URL – – very innovative! The URL has been registered as late as January 14, 2009…by the people behind Movie Talkies (Alnoor Merchant – Crescent Media/ Web Synergy) who seem to have done a lot of movie celebrity and film websites (they have an IMDB listing as well!). So, don’t expect any special love for Delhi 6 from other movie websites like IndiaFM (Bollywood Hungama) 😉

The blog itself has just one post (posted on January 15th) – so far. Its a simple post, seemingly by Rakeysh Mehra himself, explaining in a detached manner, how he shot the title song (linked via Rediff, YouTube and Facebook). Here’s hoping that the posts get slightly more interesting than the obvious ‘we shot in the crowd’ variety.

But, more importantly, how is this blog part of Delhi 6’s (or UTV’s) larger social media engagement strategy? If UTV is taking on the Facebook engagement on their own, it looks like the blog’s responsibilities have been handed over to another agency (Movie Talkies) and there’s minor integration in the form of linking back to the Facebook video. Going by the URL registration date, this blog looks like a last-minute after thought, than any carefully planned strategy. Plus, if the Facebook group has Rakeysh communicating with his audiences through the message board, where is the need for splitting the online fandom across multiple platforms/ modes? Is the idea to be in as many social media tools/ modes as possible? Is that really prudent?

My take? Use one (or just two) social media modes and do those well. Beyond ‘planting’ conventional promo materials (usually a day late, after sharing it with TV channels), the Facebook page doesn’t seem to be innovating much. So, there’s a lot of potential just there. And splitting the online engagement tasks to two different agencies is another thing that is jarring.

I’ll be keeping a watch on this blog, for sure.