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  1. Nimesh Shah
    Nimesh Shah at | | Reply


    I cudnt agree with you more on this. Esp when extertainment is something that most people converse online, it is but natural to indulge in social media.

    One really gets tempted to check with the producers whether they are ignorant about social media or is its pure apathy towards it

  2. Mayank Dhingra
    Mayank Dhingra at | | Reply

    That’s exactly what I felt. I too searched Facebook and Orkut for Ghajini groups/communities etc and found lots of people who had showed their interest in the films but alas nothing was done to engage them.

    I think it has to do with hungama and how they operate. I don’t think(no facts to back me) they are too much into social networks per se and also the sites they made just require one time effort and not regular engagement from their side.

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