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  • Hi Karthik,

    Very cool insights. If you could make a small presentation (one idea on each slide) and share, it will get you more traction.

    Also, try to give “HandsOn” for a small business. It is likely that a large company would have a PR agency that handles online interactions.


  • kay

    Good idea, Saurabh. I’m working on splitting the guide to large and small/ medium enterprises, who may have severe budgetary constraints. I’ll speak to some of my smaller clients and get some feedback for that post. But, perhaps more importantly, what is needed for small/ medium business is to clearly differentiate between social media PR and social media marketing. I believe they may prefer an increase in sales (direct ROI) as top priority than mere brand building since its more tangible results that help them with business. I may be wrong and there will be exceptions, however. Will work on both these posts.