Dear HDFC Bank... you win.

Dear HDFC Bank… you win.

The thread ends today, after 173 days of imploring HDFC Bank, every single day on Twitter to… just do the right thing. And what’s the wrong thing they are doing? A quick and dirty recap. 1. HDFC Bank has 4 premier banking products – Imperia, Preferred, Classic and Prime. Of these, the first 3 carry a ‘nominal’ (HDFC’s term) programme… Read more →

HDFC Bank's invite-only program that unethically assumes you are already in and are willing to pay for it

HDFC Bank’s invite-only program that unethically assumes you are already in and are willing to pay for it

Please consider signing this petition, to make HDFC Bank listen and do the right thing If you came here from the Day 60 update on Twitter, I’m sorry… that was an April 1 prank where the joke is on us customers and played by HDFC Bank. That should be ‘continued to be played by’, on second thoughts. Before you… Read more →

That very-human impulse to react on Twitter...

That very-human impulse to react on Twitter…

[Continued from the earlier post titled, The Violence of Words] December 2001. Shah Rukh Khan has just moved into his sprawling new mansion in Bandra, Mannat. It was earlier called Villa Vienna, and given his recent hits like Mohabbatein and Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, there has been a steady increase of people outside Mannat, to get a glimpse of their… Read more →

The violence of words

The violence of words

Much has been said and written about how peaceful the protest around Jallikattu was/is, in Tamil Nadu. It is quite an eye opener that this large a protest, started almost spontaneously, across multiple cities, has been incident-free in every possible way. Many have also written about the fact that not only were these protests incident-free, but the protestors were also… Read more →

On sentience, sapience and speciesism

The more science fiction I read (and I don’t read anything else consciously, generally, when it comes to books), the more I ponder deeply about speciesism. You should Google or Wiki Speciesism if you don’t know what it means. In a nutshell, it is a prejudice similar to racism or sexism, but concerns humans as a species and their supposed… Read more →